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Website Designing

 Website Desigining

Lions offers hi-end cost effective web designing and development solutions coupled with robust online marketing strategy. With increase in customers using internet over various devices,Lions provides responsive website designs that can be viewed on multiple devices across various platforms.

We have best professionally educated designers, experienced and skilled programmers, highly professional web marketers who are always at your disposal on your development project. Our extensive work in various web designing project has led us into ever involving website designs and their specialized website solutions.

Our experience in development of websites has resulted into a great number of successfully completed projects & references from our customers.

 E-commerce Websites

With estimated 1.75 billion people worldwide using smart phones and thus leading to E-commerce boom or dotcom boom you can say, in India, its a must have feature to your existing business. Any business who is in to selling goods must have a E-commerce website/ app or at least a page to enable a customer to shop for their products on the go.

E-commerce website along with supporting mobile application, is an ideal method for those online merchants who want to increase their product purchases. The products or services may be purchased at the website or mobile, by entering credit card or other payment methods on the site through a secure payment gateway. This provision is of mutual benefit, the consumer gets what he or she wants & the merchant can have an assured sale over the internet through this e-commerce websites.

In addition, we can create online profile of the customers and re-target them using sophisticated online tracking and analytic tools. This helps us create robust online marketing strategies to target potential and repeat customers. While most business websites serve as a shop window for existing businesses, it is increasingly the case that some websites are businesses in their own right; that is, the products they offer are only available for purchase online. For example Google android one and Motorola mobile phones only made availble for sale on leading online portals.

 Web Portals

Web portal is a website that shows a single point of access to information collected from different sources. Web portal provides a starting point or a gateway to various resources on the Internet or an intranet.

It is often known as a Web "super site" that provides a host of services including web search, e-mail, news, stock prices, information, and entertainment white and yellow pages directories, discussion groups, online shopping and links to other sites as well.

Companies all over the world are using specialized portal development services for managing sales activities, marketing programs, and enhancing support and service functions. Once familiar with the web portal, visitors are able to easily locate and relocate information and services. This is often a key for the creation of portals.

 Content Creation

Website content needs to be concise, it has to be purposeful, needs to address a problem or provide resolution, provide information or lead to action. We can attract people by design but to keep them from moving on to another site, relevant content is of utmost content.

At Lions we have a pool of skilled copywriters and access to people from different specialized fields whom we can tap on for special need clients. If required we also incorporate language translation and localization services provided by our partners to create a global impact on your customers.

 Web Applications

Lions provides a full range of web application development. To be successful in today's economy, a business must have a web presence with web applications for quick business growth. Web application will help your customize business data online and access it as per your convenience. We also develop mobile application that serve as promotional tools for your business, products or services.

We offer a wide range of services such as business automation, software development and web application services and cleanly integrate them to work for your business.


CMS (Content Management System) is a open source program designed to make a website easily update with little efforts and minimal training. A CMS uses a database to store, retrieve, and edit the content of your website. Each page of your site is stored as simple text and images making it easy to edit, search, and manipulate. When someone visits your website the CMS automatically converts your text and images into the required HTML and Javascript. CMS is the right solution for you if you want to maintain and update your website yourself. There are various advantages of using a CMS website.

You can:

  • Make changes in your website using a web browser
  • The CMS has built-in search capability
  • Easily add forums, blogs and other community building features to your website