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User Functionality


  • Set Roles and rights of Admin Seller and user
  • Item Master (Add, Update, Delete, View)
  • Payment Gateway
  • Master of City state & Country
  • Master of category and subcategory
  • Shipping Management
  • Invoice Management
  • User Management
  • Seller Management
  • Coupon Management (User wise, Expiry date wise and geo location wise)
  • Offer Management (schedule wise
  • Store Management (Company name, Address, Contact No. Etc and For KYC Pan Card, GST Etc.).
  • Banner, Header, Footer Management
  • Reports (Simple, Graphical $ Excel, PDF, Print)
  • Display Reports according to Seller wise
  • Notifications (E-mail, SMS)


  • Item Master (Add, Update, Delete, View)
  • Customers list
  • Reports (Orders History, Customers according to city, state and country)
  • Notifications (E-mail, SMS)


  • Profile Management
  • Order Management
  • Notification From Admin and Seller
  • Log in/Sign up

Multi Vendor

Multivendor is an ecommerce management website that enables the business to manage the vendors effectively. It has a friendly dashboard that shows the key metrics daily. The key advantage of multivendor is that it gives a visual perspective of what is happening in the business in real time. This gives the power to business owners to develop strategies that work for the entire organization. The Multivendor management system has a strong technology backend. Therefore business owners do not have to rely on IT technologists for their business needs. This is a fully operational system that shows the number of vendors and their status.

Multivendor also has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implemented as a module. This enables the company to view the purchase history of different customers and their patterns. This data can be used to suggest items for future purchases for the customer. You can also store the profile for the customer for easy reference. The orders placed by the customers with the vendors are shown in real time. This endifables the ecommerce company to speed up its delivery process.

The data can be segregated based on the country, region, or city. This enables the company to analyze the purchase behavior of different regions. It also allows them to target the right product for the right customer. With Multivendor, you can be sure that you will be able to run your business smoothly. There are various kinds of reports available that categorize data based on products, vendors, and categories. The reports can be exported in different formats such as pdf, excel, etc. this data can be used to analyze the performance of the ecommerce business in various perspectives.

Another advantage of Multivendor is that the user can customize both the front end and backend settings. This enables the ecommerce company to focus on the metrics that are important to them. The User interface can be changed in various ways to give the best feel. The business metrics aspects of the website can also be configured on the website. It also has a complete employee management system that enables the company to manage the employees easily. We offer end to end solution with our multivendor platform, including branding, focus on customer conversions. Multivendor is the right platform for the ecommerce company to manage its ever-increasing transactions. It enables the companies to focus on return on investment, profitability, and customer retentions by means of effective monitoring. We also provide customization solutions on top of the multivendor platform. We can offer solutions that are tailor-made for your business needs.