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Product Copyright and Refund policy

1. Packages are subscription-based and become available upon successful payment.

2. Service Period: The term of validity is calculated separately for each package and not across multiple packages.

3. Users may not unsubscribe or receive a refund for unused resources once a package is activated or becomes expired.

4. User may use cash ledger balance to purchase any of our other services or product. Upon using the remaining cash ledger balance, Current service will be closed an immediate basis.

5. Either or each customer is owner of his own account with password protected. None of the customer is owner of full software.

6. Customer don't have right to purchase software or claim to get either or one of the function copyright of creator Lionsol Infoway Private Limited. Customer are restricted get full software source.

7. Customer don't have a right to ask logo to display in software on one of the web page. Every functions are designed and developed by Lionsol. Lionsol Infoway Private Limited only have a copyright of each function.