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Elevator AMC Snapshot of Your Business

The information contained in AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) software can vary depending on the specific software and its features. However, here are some common elements and contents you find in Lionsol AMC software:

Customer Information:
It typically includes customer details like name, address, contact information, and contract history.

Contract Details:
This section outlines the specifics of the maintenance contract, including start and end dates, terms and conditions, and service level agreements (SLAs).

Service Requests:
you can often create and track service requests or tickets, including details such as issue description, priority, and status.

Inventory Management
Some AMC software includes an inventory module to manage the equipment or assets covered under the contract, their serial numbers, and maintenance history.

Scheduling and Alerts:
It may offer features for scheduling maintenance visits or service appointments and sending automated alerts or reminders.

Billing and Invoicing:
AMC software can generate invoices, track payments, and manage billing cycles for contract renewals.

Reporting and Analytics:
Lionsol AMC software offer reporting capabilities to analyze contract performance, service response times, and customer satisfaction.

Elevator AMC Functions


AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) convenient way to deal with your client data and handle it. AMC Service Routine every so often.

Routine Services Maintenance

Manage your preventive maintenance services monthly, quarterly digitally via Lionsol ONE APP.


Manage your breakdown in Lionsol one APP. Assign tickets to your field employees and track your site work and location in single complaint dashboard.

Complaint by QR Code

Customer can register online complaint by QR Scan from any device. QR provided to them in elevators.

Complaint by Elevator QR Code

Customer can register online complaint by QR Scan provided for individual elevators.


Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that you can send in minutes.

Account Reporting

Instantly see how your business is performing with customizable reports and dashboards.

SMS Notification

REAL time SMS Notification Updates about complaints,Amc,Routine Maintenances and payment Reminders to customers


Manage Customers, quick manage to your site data and acquirable easily.

Digital Signature

Digital Signature makes it authenticate, which can be managed and easily handle. It is the best way to store and handle the documents with authenticity.

Employee Management

Make Employee management easy with creating and assign.

Free Unlimited Support

If you need help, support is available with answers to your questions and information on running your business.

Plan Pricing (18% GST EXTRA)
  • Basic

    5000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 100 Customer's

    • Up to 10 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Premium

    8000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 200 Customer's

    • Up to 15 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Business

    Most Popular
    11000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 400 Customer's

    • Up to 20 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Enterprise

    13000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 600 Customer's

    • Up to 30 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Corporate

    15000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 800 Customer's

    • Up to 40 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Platinum

    17000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 1200 Customer's

    • Up to 60 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Platinum Corporate

    22000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 1600 Customer's

    • Up to 80 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • GOLD

    27000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 2200 Customer's

    • Up to 120 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Corporate Gold

    34000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 3000 Customer's

    • Up to 200 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Corporate Business

    45000 Billed Annually
    • Up to 0 - 5000 Customer's

    • Up to 250 User's desktop + Mobile APP

  • Lionsol Unlimited

    60000 Billed Annually
    • Unlimited Customer's

    • Up to 400 User's desktop + Mobile APP

Prices are exclusive of local taxes.

Upgrade your plan anytime by using Cash Ledger Balance

Add-on Features


  • Vendor
  • Purchase Order
  • Expense
  • PO Bill
  • Payment Made
  • Recurring PO Bills
  • Debit Note
  • Material Requisition
  • Material Request Option In Lionsol ONE App
  • Goods Received Note
  • Material Dispatch Note
  • Stock Register


  • Employee
  • Salary Wages
  • ESIC, PF & PT Calculation
  • Team Hierarchy
  • Mark Attendance
  • Calendar
  • Leave Management, Leave types, Leave Balance Counter
  • Work Anniversary & Birthday Reminder
  • Auto Calculate Travel Allowance by GPS
  • Auto Calculated Overtime & Latefine
  • Location Tracking (can't track live location)

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