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Customization Services

Lionsol Subscription model do not include free customization service.Additional customization will be provided on private project enterprise deal with extra cost / no cost as per seperate agrement terms and condition. In case if more additional and dynamic customization, please mail us to

Configure your own server

Minimum requirements to run software.

  1. T30 Intel Xeon E3-1225 v5 (8M Cache, 3.30 GHz).
  2. 8GB RAM and 1TB SATA Hard Disk.
  3. Operating System: Linux or Windows.

In case of configure your own server, any hardware; networking; OS cost would be on customer. Our technician will visit at your site and configure your server.

DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration protocol) Setup(Optional)

DHCP is more efficient and time reliable protocols which reduce time to set static network and auto set dynamic IP.

Benefits to configure private server

  1. Data security
  2. Fast and reliable
  3. More efficient
  4. Private security
  5. No subscription (Lifetime)